Footwear speak of your future 
If a persons right sole is worn out more, that person is lazy, not clever and cheats in doing work. Shall destroy parental property or will not have any progress in it. Likes to get things done easily. Starts his business at the age of 24-25. Brothers help the most. Travel is less likely to happen. Settle down after one or two jobs. Wife is beautiful and from good background. Child gives togetherness. 17-18 period gives certain difficulties. These type of people are scared of water. Scared of weapons or may have to undergo an operation. They are miserly. They very well know how to get their work done. They come under the group of speaker, businessmen.Destiny rises after marriage. Then they get going ahead slowly. 36-51 years is important. Wins in court matters. Has many ups and downs in examinations. Education received at far off places. Are particular with respect to clothes and people. Period upto the age of 40 years is ok, after this is a better period. They have more than one appartment. They are excellent advisors. Life more than 68 years. Big difficulties at the age of 32, 45, 55 and 20. Have scanty hair, troubles regarding cough and cold are common. They care nothing about others for their betterment. They have money with them, but are not able to make a place for themselves in the world. May get their bones broken or have an effect on them.