Footwear speak of your future 
Those people who wear closed footed shoes have feminists nature. Females are less interested in males but more in their type of work. They have an unsuccessful marriage life. Marriage after 28 years. Have an service and receive a great reward. Are independent by nature. Receive fame in 33-35. Make their own living. May face lots of difficulties till age of 20. Certain females worth seeing fall under this category. They are attacked by cheat. They belong to higher class. They rule by the age of 55 years. But problems relating family persists. Go to jail, have an operation done quite a few times in life. Service has a lot of ups & downs. Divorce is a likelihood. Those who wear open shoes, they are more inclined towards opposite/different people. As well as become a ruler. They are stable by the age of 24-26. Family life is happy. Service, travel is quite possible. Get vehicle, house pleasures at 50. Child is great.