Footwear speak of your future 
If the persons left sole is worn out, depending upon the degree being worn out, he shall have that much extra-ordinary capabilities. At the age of 27-28 he shall open up his business or shall do a job. That person fails in his examinations at least once or may have certain difficulties, shall be devotional or have secret knowledge. Health problems at the age of 20-21. Due to opposing nature may have arguing period. Get his work done through his own ways. Inherited money comes only after quarrel. All facilities are bought by their own hardwork. Has problems with wife. Wife is from a higher class. Thoughts do not match generally. Not particular with respect to clothes. Life more than 76 years. Problems at the age of 15, 37, 46. Whatever happens in life is at a moments notice. Has problems from the child. Interested towards music, found generally a flirt, but is not known to anyone. Has his own appartment before age of 42. The person is blamed flasely at the age of 24. He shall benefit of a great four wheeler. May also be jailed. 36-46 gets him property or money. Interested towards food and drinks. Usually found to have sex related diseases. Business different from that of father, get along with everyone.